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2015-01-30 - 4:37 p.m.

I am in nutritional ketosis and now you know. This is my next chapter. I have a family full of diabetics which goes way back to when people started eating sugar and carbs, I suppose. I've never handled sugar well. When I was younger, sugar made me swell and itch. Like, itching on the inside. It's weird. But that progressed into shaking if I waited too long to eat... and eventually I passed out from not eating and I evolved into a full on diagnosis of diabetes. I used to say I was watching my diet and avoiding sugar, blah blah, yada yada... but I was fooling myself and gradually getting worse. At some point, I made a better effort of watching my diet, but my fasting blood sugars just kept on getting higher. That is called disease progression. Nothing good comes from that.

About 6 months ago I just snapped and went quite strict on the daily exercise and the appropriate diabetic diet restriction. I dropped some weight and have built up a good stamina for exercise and now my blood sugars are normal and I'm not on medication. I thank my treadmill for that, since watching the diet doesn't cure your insulin resistance. Exercise does. So the more fit I get, the farther I want to go. Good habits, yo.

I've been watching a lot of videos on youtube about ketogenic diets. Many athletes use a ketogenic regimen to get cut for competitions. Science has found that a ketogenic diet helps reduce seizures in epilepsy, fights Alzheimer's disease, starves cancer cells, ends diabetes, makes your excess weight drop off, fixes your adrenal glands, and thyroid function, and other hormonal problems. It has been proven to be a healthy lifestyle. The difference between this and Atkins is that with a "well-formulated ketogenic diet" youlimit your protein to 20% of your caloric intake. Too much protein can cause sugar spikes. I never knew that. Insulin tells your body to store fat and this is not what we want. On the ketogenic diet, you cease to be hungry, because ketones are like "premium fuel" for your body and when you are in ketosis, you have plenty of ketones floating around all the time and your brain doesn't have to call for fuel in the form of hunger pangs. Athletes also have much more sustained energy for marathons and other long term physical exertion. A carb burning athlete hits the wall far sooner.

So I'm thinking this is for me. Why not? I've already learned to let go of my favorite food group - bread. I might as well go hard core into a ketogenic lifestyle. So I have started and I am definitely in ketosis. I have a bit of the "keto flu" right now as I transition, but I hear tell that all symptoms go away after you keto-adapt. That's what's up.

I will track my progress. I shall report back.

Over and out.


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