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2006-05-18 - 4:52 p.m.

Guess what happened at Casa de Teets last night, during the week, when folks had to get up early the next day for work and road trips?

A bit of a small partay.

A friend of ours from our days in Germany was passing through the area and stopped to have dinner and catch up. He brought with him a bottle of Goldschlager. That is the strong clear cinnamon alcoholic beverage with gold flakes floating in it. I'm sure you know, Gentle Reader, that I am a cheap drunk and I feel the first trace of booze that enters my alcohol-sensitive system.

At some point, I spilled part of a shot down my blouse and this was a source of great distraction and anxiety for our guest for the rest of the evening. The thought of a gold studded rack was apparently unacceptable to him and so he repeatedly offered to tongue bathe the girls until all the offending gold flakes were gone. I demurely declined, being the virtuous lady I am and all.

A nefarious cad, he was.

It was fun catching up though and he brought his laptop which is cram-packed with pictures. We got to see pictures of the great old building we lived in there. He had a big crush on my sister when we lived there. (I'm sure he would have loved to spot check her rack for gold flakes too.)

He keeps in touch with everyone he has ever known, I think. He is a good source of whatever-happened-to-so-and-so news and his parents still live in Germany. He says they are willing to put up his friends if anyone wants to visit Germany. I was ready to get out the calendar and start planning. He brought pictures of a huge schnitzel that made me want to book a flight immediately. We miss the excellent food in Germany. You just can't duplicate it here. The meat is different and the potatoes are too.

Now I'm hungry.

I was the lucky one last night. I didn't have to go anywhere today, so I was able to lay here and make like a speed bump all day with my hungover self. My sister, myramains and the-friend-who-shall-remain-nameless each had to get up and go places today. She had to work, and he had to make a road trip with a destination a couple of states over.

I feel like the luckiest slacker in town.

Here's to old friends.


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