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2015-03-04 - 4:19 p.m.

I start my day with bullet proof coffee. That is good strong coffee blended (immersion blender, nutribullet, blender, ninja, must be machine blended to bind correctly) with 2 tablespoons of pure, grass fed butter. I sometimes add a tablespoon of coconut oil (for the MCT in it), though I do not always do that. I plan to get some Brain Octane (concentrated MCT) from Dave Asprey. It does good things for metabolism and mental clarity. I do not use the high dollar dave coffee beans, because Joe Rogan said tests were done that showed coffee beans are not really full of mold toxins as Dave Asprey claims. Dave is trying to sell expensive coffee... I'm not trying to hate. The bullet proof coffee does for me what Dave says it will do, there is science behind it, but you do not have to use the high dollar beans.

The fat in the butter bonds with the caffeine, creating a time release type action and giving sustained energy for hours. It also tastes fantastic. It's just like creamy delicious coffee. I don't sweeten my coffee at all, so it is perfect just blended with the butter. I use this as a meal replacement. At this point, I am keto-adapted and I'm just not hungry in the morning at all so I don't miss eating something at breakfast. Some people like to eat a high calorie breakfast of meats and eggs, but I just prefer to leave it at coffee.

I drink my buttered coffee at 9 am and just coast till noon or so without eating anything. When I eat that first meal of the day, I make it something like scrambled eggs and bacon, or an omelet, or 2 cups of salad with chicken, walnuts, feta or shredded parmesan cheese sprinkled on, and I make dressing out of avocado, a little mayo, lemon, and spices. Tastes like avocado ranch but with no thickeners or carbs added. At some point in the day I eat a small avocado with salt sprinkled on it. This is good for you on so many levels. Avocados are full of potassium and good fats and fiber. Very low carb. For dinner, I generally have some type of meat, grilled, baked, roasted, any ole way I want but with no carbs added. I also eat my 2 cups of salad if I didn't have any salad at lunch. I try to get in 1 cup of a low carb veg, like green beans or broccoli.

If I feel snacky, I can eat any of these low carb but tasty snacks: macadamia nuts, deviled eggs, pork rinds, roasted almonds, string cheese, plus there are many countless other things that can be easily made. I sometimes make this lemon cheese cake whip and freeze it. It is so good I don't dare keep it around all the time. Some people make the mistake of thinking you can pig out all day long on bacon and low carb goodies and still lose weight. You can outstrip your body's ability to burn it all if you are gorging yourself all day. If you keep it strict, especially at first, you will go into ketosis quickly and your appetite will decrease significantly. The trick is to learn to follow your body's actual needs rather than your desire to chew and swallow things. Ketosis makes that easier than any other plan.

When you are trying to get keto-adapted, drink chicken or beef boullion, at least 1 cup a day to prevent potassium loss. If you get a headache, eat something... stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. I don't drink diet drinks and you are supposed to keep the artificial sweeteners to a minimum, though natural things like stevia are totally fine. I do keep some Russell Stover sugar free candies around because YUM. This is a completely non-deprived way to go. I'm not as strict as Stephanie Person (youtube it) and I'm not a professional body builder, (yet. haha) but I am eating very low carb, using a ketogenic model. I started this to get my blood sugar under control but as a pleasant side effect, I've dropped a bunch of weight that needed to go and I also exercise daily so there's that. I'm all kinds of strong and endurance-having now.

At this point, my primary focus is to rehab my whole health picture. I'm reversing my insulin resistance and any associated hormone imbalances. Blood sugar battle is WON, weight battle is WON. I am still losing weight and I still have some fat to spare, but it will go because ... it has no choice. I'm not ever going back to eating like I used to. I will have to eat more carbs later when I don't want to lose any more weight. I'll have to find the number of carbs that I don't gain or lose on.

I recently learned that your liver controls all 6 fat hormones and your thyroid as well. Vital piece of info: Carbs create inflammation. Inflammation makes your liver manufacture cholesterol of the vein clogging variety. The inflammation also dinks with your hormones and causes adrenal insufficiency (which in turn causes fatness) and increases cortisol production which increases belly fat. Getting on a well formulated ketogenic regimen reverses all this damage and restores good health and stamina.

I can also attest to the fact that once you wrap your head around it and learn what you can eat and set up your kitchen to only contain these things you can eat, it becomes easy.. it becomes habit... it becomes your preferred lifestyle. This is what has happened for me.

Other good things are happening for me as well. That is a story for another day.


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